Veljko Klenkovski was born in Pančevo (Serbia) in 1975. He completed Secondary Music School Kornelije Stanković in Belgrade and then pursued further music education at the Georges Bizet Conservatoire in Paris. He graduated with the highest honours at the Conservatoire National in Paris. Two years later, he completed the post-graduate course at the École Normale de Musique de Paris and, in 2008, he also earned a Master degree at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad. Klenkovski is the laureate of several national and international competitions. The most significant ones include the first prizes at the Concours International Leopold Bellan in Paris, International Competition in Picardy, National Competition in Ljubljana, the first special prize in the International Competition in Paris and the third prize in the International Jeunesses Musicales Competition in Belgrade. As a soloist, he has appeared with the Royal Orchestra of Brussels, Philharmonie der Nationen from Germany, Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra, RTS Symphony Orchestra, Niš Symphonic Orchestra, Belgrade string ensemble Dušan Skovran, St. George Strings, etc. He has also performed with many chamber ensembles at home and abroad, including notably guest appearances in Spain, Russia, China, Germany, France, Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Slovakia, Czech Republic, the United States and India.
Until 2002, Veljko Klenkovski was the first clarinettist of the Philharmonie der Nationen, Germany, as well as the first clarinettist of the Madlenianum Chamber Opera and the RTS Symphony Orchestra in Belgrade. Since 2002, he has been the solo clarinettist of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra and also a permanent member of the Balkan Chamber Academy. Veljko is a founder and member of the Belgrade Philharmonic Wind Quintet and the Belgrade Wind Trio. He has appeared with the Bruno Walter Symphony Orchestra, as well as the Cyprus National Orchestra. Over the years, he has cooperated with many eminent musicians, including Zubin Mehta, Christian Mandeal, Barry Douglas, Muhai Tang, Leopold Hager, Paul Angerer and others. Veljko Klenkovski has also been active as a professor. He has held Master classes in France, Serbia, Slovenia and Montenegro. He is a jury member of international competitions Ohridski biseri in Macedonia and Davorin Jenko in Serbia. He is the laureate of the October Prize and the recipient of the award for pedagogical achievements. Since 2015 he has a PhD degree from the Faculty of Music in Belgrade, where he also received the Bruno Brun Award as the student with the best GPA at the doctoral level of studies.

Jurij Hladnik graduated in Academy of music in Ljubljana 1996 in class of professor Alojz Zupan. He finshed postgraduate studies in 1999 at the same professor. During school years he won many first prizes in competitions of young musicians. In 1996 he played in Swiss international orchestra.
During 1998 he was employed as bass-clarinetist in orchestra of Slovenian opera, and since 1999 he is employed as solo clarinetist in Symphony orchestra of RTV Slovenia. He recorded for RTV Slovenia and RTV Maribor. As solo he performed with numerous orchestras (Symphonists of RTV Slovenia, orchestra of Academy of music from Ljubljana, Youth symphony orchestra from Celje, orchestra „Akord”...). 
As soloist and a member of various chamber orchestras he preformed in festivals as Lent, Music september in Maribor, The summer plays of Dubrovnik, Kogoj's days, Slovenian music days, the Night of Slovenian composers, Ipavcev's days of culture...He is a member of many chamber orchestras (Trio Opus3, Woodwind quintet PanArs, Maister trio).He occasionally cooperates with other chamber orchestras (quartet Akord, String quartet Epidaurus...).

Lazar Kondić was born on April 27, 1977 in Petange (Luxemburg). He completed his primary school education in MŠ „Vuk Karadžić” in Loznica. Afterwards, he attended secondary music school „Isidor Bajić” in Novi Sad, in professor Djuro Pete’s class. Having finished secondary school, he enrolled at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad in M.A. Nikola Srdić’s class, where he graduated with top marks in 2000.
He currently works as a clarinet professor and the head of the winds department in the secondary music school in Subotica.
He was awarded as a soloist at the Republic competition in Belgrade, II prize in 1995 and I prize in 1999. He was a member of the Subotica Philharmonic Orchestra as the first clarinet. He has held several solo concerts and has performed with the clarinet quartet at numerous events throughout the country and abroad.
He began his teaching work in 1998 in МŠ „Miloje Milojević” in Grocka, and moved to ŠOMO Kula and OMŠ Vrbas in 2000. He has been working in MŠ Subotica since 2002.
During his teaching career he has participated with his students in competitions in the country and abroad, having won over 140 prizes. During his work in the secondary school, seven students from his class have continued their education at music academies in Novi Sad, Belgrade, Banja Luka, Budapest and Szeged.
He was a member of the Republic jury in Belgrade in 2003 and 2007, of the Festival jury in 2009, and was a member of the jury at the May gathering in Lazarevac from 2004 to 2010.
He is one of the founders and general secretary (2008-2010) of the international clarinet and flute competition „Anton Eberst” in Novi Sad, and the founder of the Femus festival in Subotica.
He perfected his skills in courses held by clarinetists M.A. Nikola Srdić (Novi Sad), M.A. Michel Arrignon (France), M.A. Mate Bekavac (Slovenia), M.A. Jože Kotar (Slovenia), M.A. Ante Grgin (Belgrade), D.M.A. Stephanie Zelnick (USA), M.A. Ognjen Popović (Belgrade), Bela Kovacs (Hungary), M.A. Zsolt Szatmari(Hungary) and M.A. Aleksandar Tasić (Novi Sad).


Matej Zupan (1970) is an Associate Professor at the Academy of Music at University of Ljubljana. From 1996 to 2008 he was the principal flutist of the Slovenian National Radio Symphony Orchestra. He completed his graduate and post graduate studies at the Academy of Music at University of Ljubljana under professor Fedja Rupel, and later went on to complete advanced studies with Mario Ancilloti and to attend Masterclasses led by Trevor Wye, Michel Debost, Peter-Lukas Graf and James Galway. He is the winner of several first prizes and other accolades in national competitions. As a member of the ARIART Woodwind Quintet, the ACADEMIA ARS MUSICAE Chamber Orchestra and recently founded Ensemble for contemporary Music MD7 and Chamber Orchestra of Soloists (Society of Slovene Composers) as well as the soloist he has performed extensively throughout Slovenia, Europe and both Americas. He has recorded for Slovenian Radio and TV, RAI and ORF.

Jasna Marković Vujanović was born in Tuzla (1973), were she finished elementary and middle music school. As a student she participated in numerous competitions in which she won prizes, of which are the most notable first prize in SFRJ in Ljubljana 1988 and second prize in category of chamber music orchestra in competition next year.
After summer course of Academy of Art in Novi Sad, and to the invitation of her future professor, Marian Egic, she enters a freshmen year of studies in 1990. During studies she attended courses of renowned flutists (Renata Grajs-Armin, 1992 and 1994 in Italy), she participated in work of hungarian flutist section in Sopron, she was a student of professor Peter Lukas-Graf, and after studies and courses of Sophie Sherie, Janoš Balint, Gergelj Ices, she graduated with average score of 9,45.
Since her third year of studies she is employed in music school Isidor Bajic. The confirmation of hers pedagogical results is, besides numerous awards of her students, the selection for jury member for competition in Valjevo 2005 and 2007, republic competition 2005 and 2007, jury member in festival of music schools in Zajecar 2006, competition in Lazarevac 2008, as well as acknowledgement for the best pedagogue in 1995 on competition of chamber orchestras in hungarian town Balassagyarmat.
Since October 2006 when she was elected for the president of Vojvodina's professional commission for flute, she was an organizer of flute seminar of Gergelj Ices, as well as Weekend of open door seminar 2007 and 2008, in which participated over 20 colleges from Vojvodina with their students. She is organizer and coordinator of accredited seminar of Janoš Balint for 2009/10.
Since 2003, she is active in trio „Anima” (flute, violin and harp) where she achieves notable concerts, performance in International festival of harp as well as performance in Novosadsko Leto (alongside violoncello and with soloist Jelena Bulatovic (mezzo-soprano). In 2004 she establishes trio MaesTre with colleges Aleksandra Nikolic and Irina Zagurskaja, which under name Da kamera accomplishes markable concerts in Novosadsko Leto and in organization of Zrenjanin's cultural centre 2008. Her students won great number of prizes in festivals, republic and international competitions in solo disciplines as well as in chamber music.

Aleksandar Burkert graduated at the Faculty of musical arts in Belgrade with Tahir Kulenovic. He is appointed as a principal flute of the Wind orchestra in Zemun, with conductor Vladimir Mustajbasic.
Cofounder of Novi Sad Big Bend orchestra and has played alto and baritone saxophone and frula. Since 1987 he had been teaching in many music schools in Serbia. His students have won a number of awards on national and international competitions. 2012,2013,2014,2015 awarded The best pedagogue of flute –Femus Subotica.
2014 he was awarded for his pedagogical results over the years, by the Union of associations of music and ballet pedagogues of Serbia.
Works in music school in Valjevo, where he regularly conducts summer and winter courses for teacher and pupils.


Ninoslav Dimov finishes his undergraduate studies (2004) and graduate studies (2006) in the class of prof. Stojan Dimov, at the Faculty of Music in Skopje. After the graduation in Skopje, he continues his studies in Berlin, Germany, at the Universität der Kunste, in the class of prof. Detlef Bensmann. In Berlin he finishes his undergraduate studies (2006) and continues with "Konzertexamen" specialization until 2009. During this period, he acquires many state and international competition awards, and he is a regular participant at prestiguous master classes and seminars for saxophone in Slovenia, France, Germany...
Along his countless solo recitals, Ninoslav has many solistic appearances with Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra, Kosova Philharmonic Orchestra,  "Lietzeorchester" - Berlin... From the beginning of his studies, he is a leader of the Dimov Saxophone Quartett with whom had a lot of concerts (Skopje, Dubrovnik, Sarajevo, Mostar, Ohrid Summer Festival, Skopje Summer Festival, etc). In 2006 he plays couple of concerts with Berliner Saxophone Quartett, world reknowned ansamble of this kind, and from 2007 he is a member and co-founder of Bensmann Saxophone Quartett with whom plays regullary across Germany (Berlin, Duisburg, Brandenburg, Frankfurt, Bukow...).
At the moment Ninoslav is assistant proffesor for saxophone at the Faculty of Music in Skopje, and member of Macedonian Radio Television Big Band Orchestra.

Georgios Lygeridis was born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1973, the Greek saxophonist George Lygeridis graduated from the „Hochshüle für Musik” of Cologne in the class of Daniel Gauthier and from the „Ecole Nationale de Musique de Créteil” in Paris with „Premier Prix” in classical saxophone and chamber music, in the class of Georges Porte. He also attended Masterclasses with Claude Delangle, Arno Bornkamp, Philippe Portejoie and studied chamber music with Ulla Graff.
At the same time he studied contemporary improvisation and classical singing.
He has appeared in concerts in Greece, France, Germany, Croatia, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Serbia.
He has collaborated with the State Orchestra of Thessaloniki, the orchestra of „Orsay” and has appeared as a soloist with the Orchestra of the Sofia Academy. He also worked with various ensembles (Athens Saxophone Quartet, Macedonian Saxophone Quartet, Dortmund Saxophone Ensemble, Idée Fixe Ensemble).
Using the contemporary improvisation he has musically invested several theatrical performances.
Since 1993 he collaborates with the pianist Eftihia Veniota and as „Duo Hermes” have presented a large number of works of international repertoire with an emphasis on French compositions, while at the same time they are very interested in contemporary Greek creation. In this context, they collaborate with well-known as well as younger Greek composers, they have performed several creations, communicated Greek works to the audience abroad and internationally recognized artists and have recorded the composition of Paris Paraschopoulos „Amphipolis”. At the same time, a significant part of their activity is the „Cine-Concert”, in which the live improvisational music investment of films is mixed with the presentation of authentic chamber music works. Some of these, especially adapted, are presented in the form of educational performances in schools in Greece.
In 2009 he founded the ensemble „Sax Nouveau”, which has appeared in numerous concerts and festivals in Greece and abroad.
He teaches at the State Conservatory of Thessaloniki and the Municipal Conservatory of Neapoli-Sykies. Having a high interest in the pedagogy , he has organized numerous Masterclasses, bringing Greek students into contact with some of the most important performers and teachers worldwide.
He organizes the „Olympic Sax Festival”.

Bojan Vukelić studied jazz and classical saxophone in Graz in Karlheinz Miklin’s, Heinrich Von Kalnein’s and Hannes Kawrze’s class. In 2005 he went to Cologne for additional training with professor Claudius Valk, and a zear later he completed his master’s studies.
With “KUG“ orchestra of Graz Opera in 2001, he recorded a CD, a work by Tomaž Svete - Kriton.
With his quartet he performed in Serbia, Croatia, Austria and Germany. As a jury member of HGM orchestra Zagreb, he performed at „IAJE“ festival in New York, and then in Sweden, Slovenia, Belgium, Austria and Croatia.
He also performed with a Greek pianist Eleni Papaspirou in Serbia, Austria and Greece.
Upon returning to Serbia, with “Soul Connection Big band“, lead by Duško Gojković, he recorded a CD “Balkan project“. With the same orchestra he performed in Switzerland, Germany and Serbia.
He has participated in various projects organized by the music department of  RTS, with the Big band of  RTS and also with the orchestra from “The Theatre on Terazije“.
Since 2012. He has been teaching the international winds workshop in Tivat. He is also a saxophone teacher in Music school “Kosta Manojlović“ in Zemun.


Nenad Janković completed bachelor, master and doctoral studies at the Belgrade Faculty of Music, in the class of Mirko Isaeski. He was further trained in masterclasses with Knut Sönstevold and Mauricio Paez. He is the founder of the Belgrade Philharmonic Wind Trio and Wind Quintet, as well as one of the founders of the Balkan Chamber Academy ensemble. In 1995, he performed as the principal bassoonist of the Mediterranean Youth Orchestra. Nenad is the principal bassoonist of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra.
His solo engagements include the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra, Serbian Army Orchestra, Dušan Skovran Belgrade String Orchestra, St. George Strings, Youth Symphony Orchestra of Southeast Europe and the YES Chamber Orchestra (Youth European Strings). Janković is the recipient of several awards at federal competitions, the First Prize at the International Composition Competition in Stresa, Italy, and the October Prize of the City of Belgrade in 1995. He has given a number of recitals in all major cities across Serbia, as well as in Ljubljana. As a chamber musician, he has performed with various chamber ensembles at the most distinguished festivals in the country and the region (Bemus, Nomus, Nimus, Ljubljana Festival, Maribor Festival, Interfest Bitola, A tempo Podgorica, as well as at the 2009 celebration of the World Music Day in Paris). He has given a masterclass at the Ljubljana Academy of Music and has worked for six years as a regular teacher in the summer musical workshops for wind instruments, held in Tivat. Nenad Janković plays hand-made Milan and Emperor model bassoons, crafted with love by Živan Šarčević.

Milan Janković finished elementary and music high school „Josip Slavenski“ in Belgrade on instrumental department – oboe, studying under prof. Dragan Lazic. He graduated from the Faculty of Music and Arts in Belgrade with the highest grade. After regular studies he went to Norway – Stavanger Univresity for music and dance where he began his master’s degree studies in the class of professors Britta Holger and Kjersta Dahl. After graduating in 2007, he went to Japan where he performed in a trio. He has participated and was rewarded at many republican competitions and international competition for solo and chamber music. Upon his return to Belgrade he became a permanent member of the Artistic Ensemble Stanislav Binicki and Madlenianum Theater in Belgrade where he worked from 2007 to 2012 on the positions principal and second oboe. As a member of Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra on the position second oboe, he performed with the world’s best conductors such as Zubin Mehta, Aleksandar Rahbarija, Muhaj Tanga and many others from 2009 to 2011. He performed with numerous orchestras such as: RTS Symphony Orchestra, Montenegrin Symphony Orchestra, Stavanger Symphony Orchestra etc. He attended master classes with Hansjörg Shelemberger – soloist of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, Walter David - professor of the Conservatory in Paris and with Stefan Shili and Passin Günter- the professors of Mozarteum Conservatory.
He started teaching pedagogy as a professor at the music school „Miloje Milojević“ in Kragujevac, and since 2011 he has been working as a oboe professor at the music school „Mokranjac“ in Belgrade and in the music school „Josip Slavenski“. He is still active as a solo, chamber and orchestral musician.

Ilija Rajković was born on December 21, 1976 in Požarevac, where he finished secondary music school „Stevan Mokranjac”, department for music performer and the department for music collaborator. He graduated from the department of General music pedagogy at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade. He has been working in „Stevan Mokranjac” music school since 1997.
He is active in various spheres of culture in Požarevac, performs in public, composes and arranges music, he is a member of various vocal and instrumental ensembles, and together with colleagues from the music school he is a founder of the ensemble „Mosaic”. He is the author of music for several dozen plays in the Culture center in Požarevac. Under his leadership, the orchestra of the culture and art society won several awards at the republic competitions in folk dancing and folk art.
Together with the ensemble Mosaic he won several awards, the most important are the „Award for the artistic improvement of the festival” in Valjevo 2007 and the first place in the group at the First Ohrid choir festival in 2008.
His compositions and arrangements mostly of folk songs and melodies are a part of the repertoire of almost every ensemble of „Stevan Mokranjac” music school, and they are also performed by the church choir „Braničevo” and by others. Apart from this, there is a large number of choirs and ensembles from all over Serbia who perform his compositions and also there are dozens of choirs throughout the world who perform some of his compositions or arrangements.
For a number of years he has been the author of exercises for the Competition of young solfegists in Požarevac, and the author of exercises for the republic competition of solfegists in Belgrade.
He has achieved notable results at competitions with various chamber ensembles of the music school.
Together with a number of colleagues he conducts the school’s Big ensemble, who perform folk songs in original arrangements.
He was awarded the Charter for culture from the town of Požarevac in 2010, UMBPS award in the school year of 2013/14 for the results achieved during that year. He also received October award – City of Pozarevac in 2017.